Wood Rot Repair

Log homes look beautiful and if well maintained will last for a very long time. However, there are occasions when some logs can succumb to rot and decay. There are several reasons why logs can become rotten, including poor gutter systems which do not prevent rain water from dripping on to the logs. Poorly finished or stained logs, bad design, or not having an annual maintenance plan in place to keep the stain working to protect the wood. All of these possibilities could result in rot repair of the logs or wood.

Substantial exterior rot repair under windows, surface paint removal and exterior restoration was done by Peter with integrity and skill and within a budget that allowed us to purchase the house. We haven’t had any problem with the repairs after six years. Were it not for Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC we would not have been able to enjoy our wonderful and unique home.
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What Is the Difference Between Dry Rot and Wet Rot?

Dry rot is named ‘dry’ because wood rot is happening with no apparent cause by moisture damage. The culprit is actually a fungus that attacks the wood, causing discoloration and decay. It breaks down the wood’s strength by digesting it. Affected wood has cracks across the wood’s grain. Although called ‘dry’ rot, moisture does play a role in allowing fungi to take hold, but then the fungus is able to survive on the wood and even remain dormant, only to resurface when conditions allow it. An infestation of dry rot is extremely serious (spores can travel through masonry to reach wood) and requires aggressive professional treatment.

Wet rot damage affects wood with a higher percentage of moisture. Treatment involves stopping the cause of dampness, treating the rot, and repairing and/or restoring damaged wood.

Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC is qualified to detect, repair, and restore your log home, log cabin, or cedar home from either dry rot or wood rot damage.

Wood Rot Repair or Replacement

Wood Rot RepairThe best way of carrying out rot repair is to partially or fully replace the damaged logs. This is not a job to be carried out by a homeowner. Instead it requires the use of a competent professional to ensure that the job is carried out to a high standard and the logs are repaired correctly.

If caught soon enough, for example during annual maintenance, then the wood rot repair may consist of partial log replacement rather than replacing whole logs. If part of a log needs to be replaced then a log needs to be cut and scribed so that it blends naturally with the existing log so that the look is seamless and natural.

If the damage is significant then the rot repair will involve the replacement of one, or more of the logs in the existing structure. This type of replacement must be undertaken by highly skilled professionals. This is particularly important when dealing with logs that are structural load bearing logs. The house may need to be jacked up and supported as well as shoring up the walls to prevent buckling and collapse. This is not a job to be undertaken by the faint hearted or unskilled!

With any type of wood rot repair it is important that the logs used to repair the structure are blended in with the originals to give a truly aesthetic look to the finished building. This can be accomplished by color matching during the staining process. Once the rot has been repaired and/or replaced, the home is ready to have the rest of the log home restoration process concluded.

The logs will be blasted, sanded, treated and stained so the home now looks as good as the day it was built and you won’t be able to tell which logs have been replaced and which have just been restored. Wood rot repair needs to be done with care and patience, as well as skill. Companies that have a passion for what they do, such as Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC in the Western United States, will produce a result to make any log home owner proud.

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