The Log Home Restoration Process

“Our logs were embarrassing. The finish was looking dark, dull and uneven, and we weren’t sure how to proceed. We knew stripping off the old finish and starting over would be a monumental job, and we just didn’t have the time. Then in 2004 we were lucky to find Pete. After some deliberation, we hired him to deal with the problem for us. First he corn-blasted the whole mess off, then applied borate to provide future protection, and finally applied a beautiful new coat of finish.

What a difference! Since then, we have received dozens of comments about how beautiful our house looks and what excellent shape our logs are in. People are surprised when we tell them our logs are actually upwards of 25 years old. We now hire Pete each year to give our logs a cleaning, monitor their condition, and touch up the finish if needed. It feels so good to know our investment in our house is being so well protected, and to know that we don’t have to deal with this job ourselves.”
Jeff and Nancy Muldoon, Lake Roesiger, WA

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Do you need a log home restoration? If you are the proud owner of a log cabin or wood-sided home, then you are fully aware of the aesthetic beauty a well-maintained home has on the eye. Since wood is a natural material it has to be maintained at regular intervals to prevent your finish from failing and possibly having rot fungus causing untold damage to your home.

If the home has been neglected, for whatever reason, then to bring it back its former glory you may need to undertake a complete exterior home restoration. When I say “you” I mean hire a specialist company, such as Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC in the Western United States, as this should never be considered a DIY project. Correct log home restoration is a skilled, labor-intensive process and requires competent professionals to carry it out to a proper standard.

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    Log Home Restoration: The Process

    The log home or log cabin restoration process is essentially a five step process.  Read about it here, or you can also watch our log home restoration videos.

    1. Wood Surface Preparation

    Log Home Restoration Process
    This is perhaps the most important step in the process. Get this wrong and the finished product will be below par and may cause future headaches. The first stage of the preparation is to use a ground/crushed walnut media to blast the exterior of the home. The ground walnut is the consistency of fine sand, though lighter in weight. This is one of the medias available as it provides a safe method of effectively removing failed finishes from the surface of the wood. The blasting will also remove any dirt, discoloration and even fungus from the wood to bring it back to its best look. Once the blasting is complete the wood is then hand sanded using an orbital sander for a smooth, proper finish. This phase of the process is considered to be the most important and it is also the most labor intensive and difficult.

    2. Protect the Windows and Doors

    Before applying the borate preservative and staining the house, windows and doors are protected using a light painters plastic in order to prevent any overspray from the preservatives or stains causing damage.

    3. Preserve the Wood

    A preservative, known as borate, is a 10% solution of boron which is applied using an airless sprayer. It comes in powder form and is diluted in water before being applied. Borates are a highly effective method for preserving wood and protecting them from insects, mildew and the need for wood rot repair, and have been tried and tested over many years around the world.

    4. Apply the Correct Finish

    Application of a stain is done using an airless sprayer. The stain is applied to the wood and then back brushed into the wood to ensure an even and beautiful finish. With so many finishes available in the market place choosing the right one for your wood restoration process can be mind-numbingly confusing! We recommend Sikkens Cetol SRD for your finish product. This stain is an oil-based, penetrating finish which comes highly recommended. In fact, the owner of Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC used it on his home over seven years ago and it still looks great!

    5. Put a Maintenance Plan in Place

    Once the log restoration process is complete then put an annual maintenance plan in place. After all, having spent the time, money and energy to make your home look perfect, it makes sense to spend a little effort each year to keep it looking that way. Maintaining the exterior means you won’t have to go through the restoration process again!
    So there it is – A complete log home restoration is an effective way to keep your home weather and protected for years to come.