As a licensed architect and attorney, I have certain expectations of a contractor, and Pete exceeded those expectations in every way. He went out of his way to meet with us and discuss the scope of work. His estimate was complete and accurate, and there were no surprise “extras” at the end. And, most importantly, the quality of the work was superb. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete and his crew; craftsmen of this level of quality, integrity and commitment to get the job right are very few and far between.

Ron Breiss

Step one of the log home restoration process: Pete Bird and his crew get started on their project. Here, Pete explains about grinding the logs and blasting away the failed finish. Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC uses environmentally friendly walnut media for blasting. The difference this first step makes is impressive; see if you agree.

Step Two: A close-up of the walnut media blasting process at work. You see the beautiful wood instantly.

Step Three: This is the labor-intensive step: sanding. It takes an entire team several days; well worth using professionals for this work!

Step Four: Pete treats us to a quick peek of the work so far. What was once a dreary dark-chocolate facade is now clean, new, and ready for chinking.

Step Five: Pete shows us how he applies chinking between the logs. Chinking is artistically challenging; amateur results are probably not what you want.

Step Six: Stain is applied by spraying and back brushing. The stain nicely highlights the grain and knots in the wood. Then the team cleans up and you have a beautifully restored log or cedar home.

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