Log Home Maintenance

Beautiful log homes require annual maintenance. Your log or cedar home benefits from careful inspection and treatment yearly. You will save in the long run.

We now hire Pete each year to give our logs a cleaning, monitor their condition, and touch up the finish if needed. It feels so good to know our investment in our house is being so well protected, and to know that we don’t have to deal with this job ourselves.”
Jeff and Nancy Muldoon, Lake Roesiger, WA

Step One: Annual log home maintenance begins with cleaning the logs; demonstrated on this video.

Step Two: Cleaning solution is carefully rinsed off with a pressure washer.

Next: The log home is masked prior to applying the annual coat of stain; an airless sprayer and drop cloths are used to cut down on any mess. This job takes several workers at once to apply the stain, back brush, and wipe it quickly.

More on staining; the logs look like new.

Quick shot of the completed log home maintenance.

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