If you own a log or wood sided home then you will realize the importance of having an annual maintenance program in place so that your home does not deteriorate over time. It is important that the logs or wood are kept up to a high standard of maintenance so that the elements do not cause failure of the stain and possible rot or insect damage in the wood.

An annual maintenance program could be something done by a homeowner, although having a program in place with a reputable log home restoration company will ensure that the job is done properly, that the logs are kept free from insect or water damage, and the stain remains viable for years to come. The maintenance process will prevent unexpected expensive restoration projects in the future. Not looking after your log/wood home regularly could result in a costly rot repair or wood sided replacement being needed.  Poor home design and lack of proper maintenance are the two leading causes of complete finish restoration!

See Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC’s videos for tips about maintenance of your log or cedar home.

A Typical Annual Maintenance Program

Log Home Annual MaintenanceThe annual maintenance program will consist of a proper cleaning of the logs or wood siding using a light chemical solution. Cleaning should be done with a light chemical solution that is approved by the stain manufacturer.  The solution is mixed at the proper ratio as per stain tech specifications and applied using a back pack sprayer for even distribution. The logs or wood siding is then lightly brushed to remove any surface dirt, mold, grime,  pollen, or fungal spores. A final rinse with a pressure washer will complete the cleaning.  After allowing to dry, the finish is now ready for a maintenance coating of stain if required.  Maintenance coatings of stain are applied when the stain has faded and has begun to lose its protective qualities.

Once the cleaning is done, it is time to closely examine the logs for any signs of insect damage, discoloration, soft logs or obvious rot indicators. Once any deterioration is identified it is time to set about putting some remedial action in to place. This might include wood rot repair, and complete restoration services.

All of these projects should be undertaken by skilled and professional companies, such as Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC, as these are not jobs for the amateur. Your home is a major investment and if properly looked after will look great for years to come.

You can be sure the job will be done right and in a most professional manner when you trust your home to Pete.

Bruce & Patty Arendt

You will save money in the long run if you maintain your logs and wood siding using proper maintenance!